In a meeting with multiple people, often you want to discuss a quick topic that relates to just 1 or a few participants in the room. In such a situation, you usually wait for the meeting to be over to discuss the topic or start an email thread that takes forever and dilutes the importance and urgency of the matter.

SignalWire has an elegant solution to this problem - Sidebar Conversations. Participants can now have separate video chats with one or more participants in the room without navigating away. This is very useful for quick discussions that don’t affect all participants.

Join Abbi & Shifali to learn more about Sidebar Conversations. They will closely look at:

  • The problems participants currently face in meetings.
  • How Sidebar Conversations feature solves the problem and provide a seamless experience.
  • Other benefits of using this feature.
  • Demo on how to use the feature.

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Hosted by

Abbi Minessale
Product Marketing Manager

Shifali Jamwal
Product Marketing Manager