Robocalling and spam calls have been increasing over the last year. Just in the US, there were 165.1 million robocalls placed in 2020!

We will help you build a robocalling protection application using SignalWire’s Communication APIs. You will see how easy it is to build this application. This application implements a call forwarding service with a voice CAPTCHA to determine if the caller is a human. Before sending the call to your private number, the application will check if the caller is a robot by implementing a simple voice CAPTCHA.

In this LIVEWire, Luca Pradovera will:

  • Look at industry data about robocalling and spam calling, and discuss some possible solutions.
  • Build a robocalling protection application.
  • Demonstrate SignalWire Communication APIs’ real time detection capabilities to flag a human caller vs a spammer by simply performing a quick test.

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Hosted by

Luca Pradovera
Technical Evangelist