Add high-performance, fully programmable video to any application with the new SignalWire Video API

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For More information please Contact Shane Klein at Theta Institute

As an SDVOB, Theta Institute can assist and handle any Federal Government Inquiries. Shane can be reached at shaneklein@theta-institute.com

Theta Institute
State University of New York Poly/Tech
257 Fuller Road
Albany, NY 12203
United States of America

Federal Capabilities

SignalWire believes that our in-depth technical knowledge, our tightly integrated authorship of FreeSWITCH (arguably the most widely deployed open-source engine for telecommunications, audio, and video applications) along with our secure view of the world makes us uniquely positioned to provide scalable and secure communications products to the federal government, including:

Video Conferencing

Secure and cloud-based video conferencing applications

Virtual Office

Secure and cloud-based virtual office applications

Video APIs

Secure and black box video APIs

Audio APIs

Secure and black box audio APIs

Messaging APIs

Secure and black box SMS, MMS, texting APIs

State and Local

The SignalWire state and local sales program is designed to provide COTS product integration for all of the same above listed services:

  • Video conferencing applications
  • Virtual office applications
  • Video APIs
  • Voice APIs
  • SMS, MMS text messaging APIs

Better tech. Better security.

SignalWire advanced video communication technology offers better quality, ease-of-use, and compatibility than traditional solutions. Most importantly, our completely-secure deployment options ensure unrivaled data integrity. Increase the efficiency and versatility of your communications without sacrificing security.

Increase communications efficiency

Keep teams connected and productive, with advanced features designed specifically for remote collaboration.

Modernize engagement

Create communications channels to reach the people your agency is serving in real-time. 

Uncompromising privacy

Enjoy the benefits of real-time video collaboration without exposing your agency to unknown security risks.

Versatility meets security

SignalWire video communication technology is completely clientless and accessible from any browser on any device. AES-256-level DTLS and SRTP encryption are handled at the browser level, providing the same protection protocols as sensitive credit card information.

  • Browser-based, with no software client installation necessary
  • Cross-device compatible with seamless user-experience
  • SignalWire technology can be deployed in a completely secure private environment, with no data exposure to public cloud infrastructure.

Innovative virtual office experience.

SignalWire video technology was designed from the ground up to improve remote collaboration, with an innovative user experience that allows users to interact the same way they would in a shared physical space.