Update - Verizon Toll-Free A2P SMS Messaging

Changes to application-to-person messaging from Toll-Free Numbers

By Aaron Alter, Director of Telecommunications

Beginning September 1st of 2020, Verizon Wireless will be issuing a change to their commercial Toll-Free Number and fee structure. This is the part of many anticipated carrier route changes that will bring about greater predictability and reliability for high volume messaging, A2P traffic over Toll-Free Numbers.

What do I need to know?

Similar to A2P 10DLC (local numbers), Verizon will begin charging an additional surcharge fee for every outgoing SMS message segment sent from a Toll-free phone number. This new surcharge means that you will start paying a pass-through fee of .0025 for every outgoing SMS message sent from a Toll-Free number to a Verizon Wireless number.

What do I need to do?

There will be no change to your account or services. As soon as Verizon enables these surcharges (September 1st, 2020), we will pass through this fee at no additional upcharge. This fee will appear as a separate line item on your invoices.

Does this new fee apply to Toll-Free MMS messages?

No, at this time, this new surcharge only applies to Outbound Toll-Free SMS messages.

Are providers other than SignalWire subject to the same Verizon Toll-Free surcharge?

Yes, all providers are equally impacted by this surcharge.

Will it apply only to messages sent from the start date and beyond?

The fee will apply to messages sent from the above start date and beyond (will not be retroactive).

Will other US Carriers implement this service?

As of now, this change is only applicable to messages sent to Verizon Wireless from Toll-Free numbers. It is likely that other carriers will charge additional fees for Toll-Free message delivery at some point in the future. We will watch this space closely and notify SignalWire customers should other US Carriers start to implement this service.

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