Update - Verizon A2P 10DLC Messaging

Changes to application-to-person messaging from 10-digit long codes

By Aaron Alter, Director of Telecommunications

Verizon Wireless has recently issued a change to their commercial long code and fee structure. On February 1st of 2020 Verizon Wireless created a new path to ensure proper delivery of A2P (Application to Person) messages sent via a 10 Digit Long Code (10DLC) telephone number. Verizon Wireless recognized that the messaging ecosystem continues to evolve and 10DLC messaging offers an innovative way for businesses to communicate with their customers. Verizon has developed this solution to enable 10DLC traffic while continuing to protect customers against unwanted messages such as spam and abusive content. This is the first of many anticipated 10DLC carrier routes that will bring about greater predictability and reliability for high volume, A2P traffic over local numbers. Due to high demand, SignalWire has decided to now offer this valuable service to our customers.

What do I need to know?

Verizon began blocking application-to-person (A2P) MMS and SMS sent over legacy person-to-person (P2P) routes, based on the CTIA guidelines (updated July 2019). Please note: this blocking did NOT impact Toll-Free SMS or MMS Messaging

With the adoption of this Verizon channel, all messages sent from standard local numbers (10DLC) to numbers on Verizon’s network will incur a new network access fee.

What will the new carrier Pass Through Fee be?

  • SMS fee - $0.0020 per message (sent to Verizon numbers only)
  • MMS fee - $0.0040 per message (sent to Verizon numbers only)

What will happen to my current US long code numbers and do I need to do anything?

This change will now allow messages sent from Local Numbers (10DLC) to be delivered to numbers on the Verizon network. All traffic on your existing US long code numbers will migrate over to this new 10DLC route ensuring message delivery. Please contact your account representative or sales@signalwire.com to enable this service.

Will there be changes to my messaging output rate?

No, the current messaging rate over this route will still be 1MPS (Message Per Second) for the time being. This rate will change once the other wireless carriers launch their own 10DLC products.

Does this service support Handset Delivery Receipts?

Handset Delivery Receipts are not supported. You will continue to receive Network Delivery Receipts.

Is it best to move over to long codes if I currently have a Toll Free Number?

Long Code allows for you to show local presence and can be beneficial for businesses that have such needs. However, Toll Free Numbers still offer higher send rates and are still the only approved channel for A2P across all the major carriers at this time.

Is it best to move over to long codes if I currently have a short code?

If you currently own a short code, it’s best to keep it, as short codes offer higher message throughput, availability of delivery receipts, and are trusted by all US carrier networks.

Will this Pass Through Fee be applied to every message SignalWire sends?

No, it will only be applied to SMS or MMS messages sent to Verizon Wireless handsets via the SignalWire platform.

When will the new Pass Through Fee go into effect?

Monday June 29, 2020

Will it apply only to messages sent from the start date and beyond?

The fee will apply to messages sent from the above start date and beyond (will not be retroactive).

What if my traffic is P2P (Person to Person)?

Even if your traffic meets P2P guidelines, it is still considered A2P by the carriers being that it's being sent from SignalWire which is an API platform. Meaning you will still be charged the carrier Pass Through Fee for those messages.

Is there a way to avoid the Carrier Pass Through Fee if my traffic is truly P2P?

Yes, you can apply for a P2P exemption by contacting your SignalWire account representative.

Does this fee only apply to SignalWire or is it across all providers?

This fee applies across all providers.

What will happen to any messages sent to other carriers?

As of now, the A2P 10DLC service is only available via Verizon. Meaning, there are no officially sanctioned A2P messaging routes available on other wireless carriers at this point in time. That being said, in practice, messages sent to those carriers do not seem to be as aggressively filtered as long as they adhere to CTIA guidelines. To ensure best chances of delivery, please see SignalWire’s A2P Use Case Best Practices Guide

Will other US Carriers implement this service?

As of now, the A2P 10DLC service is only available via Verizon. It is likely that other carriers will offer similar A2P routes, combined with additional fees, at some point in the future. We will watch this space closely and notify SignalWire customers should other US Carriers start to implement this service.

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