SignalWire STACK | Release 20.19.9

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Release Date 2019-12-18

What's new

As we near the end of the year, we are happy to announce another SignalWire STACK release! In version 20.19.9 you will find minor bug fixes, including improvements in sofia's behavior, as well as increased core stability and improvements in memory management. 

New Features

  • signalwire/stack [mod_loopback] Don't block channel too long if already hangup, also add option to hangup immediately with cause #46
  • signalwire/stack [Core, mod_loopback] Add support to set group confirm on each leg #33


    • signalwire/stack [esl] Add SHUTDOWN_REQUESTED event. #72
    • signalwire/stack [core] Add SHUTDOWN_REQUESTED event #71
    • signalwire/stack [mod_sofia] add 'sip_destination_prefix' var to prefix user portion of request uri with a value (note this will not affect calls to registered endpoints) #70
    • signalwire/stack [mod_sofia] add 'sip_destination_prefix' var to prefix user portion of request uri with a value (note this will not affect calls to registered endpoints) #68
    • signalwire/stack [mod_sofia] add sip_refer_status_code channel variable to track refer… #66
    • signalwire/stack [mod_loopback] add refer mock to null endpoint #65
    • signalwire/freeswitch [mod_kazoo] use globals hostname to create nodename in create_ei_cnode #164
    • signalwire/stack [mod_sofia] add contact header in REFER #64
    • signalwire/freeswitch [mod_kazoo] add kz_set_hostname declaration #162
    • signalwire/freeswitch [mod_kazoo] missing call to kz_set_hostname #160
    • signalwire/freeswitch [mod_callcenter] Adding SAF_SUPPORT_NOMEDIA to callcenter_track since we don't need media up for it. Also, a small fix to make it compile on OSX. #137
    • signalwire/stack [core] add PRE_CLOSED flag on file handle, add unit test. #54
    • signalwire/stack [mod_loopback] remember dtmf in channel var null_channel_dtmf_queued #53
    • signalwire/stack [core] remember if a tag is parsed from CDATA #49
    • signalwire/stack [core] log status code when queue event failure #43
    • signalwire/stack [core] use switch_core_session_get_partner in sched_hangup to hangup … #42
    • signalwire/freeswitch [mod_avmd] Close session if adding a media bug fails #122
    • signalwire/freeswitch [core] Do not try to close a file handle if it's not SWITCH_FILE_OPEN, return SWITCH_STATUS_FALSE instead #119
    • signalwire/freeswitch [mod_kazoo] recurse context runtime vars #117
    • signalwire/stack [core] change No audio stun for a long time error to warning #34
    • signalwire/freeswitch [mod_kazoo] add kz-endpoint-runtime-context #112
    • signalwire/freeswitch [core] allow event-channel debugging & single delivery #91
    • signalwire/freeswitch [mod_amqp] configurable commands queue properties #71
    • signalwire/freeswitch [mod_amqp] open logging and produced connections from within their threads #64
    • signalwire/freeswitch [mod_callcenter] Unreserve callcenter events when config errors loading #40

Resolved Issues

    • signalwire/freeswitch [Core] Wait for all EVENT_DISPATCH_QUEUE_THREADS before killing the logging which leaks otherwise. #174
    • signalwire/freeswitch [Core] Fix wrong sqldb initialization order causing crash on load. #165
    • signalwire/stack [Unit-tests] Fix leaks in mod_test and in switch_core_codec, switch_vpx, switch_xml, switch_ivr_play_say tests. #63
    • signalwire/stack [core] ULPFEC: fix memory leak (recovery). #62
    • signalwire/freeswitch [Unit-tests] Fix test framework by telling sqldb to manage handles so they don't leak and are destroyed on shutdown. #144
    • signalwire/stack [Unit-tests] Fix test framework leaking on successful checks under setup or teardown mode. Failed checks in these modes are noted and then freed, but not when passed. #60
    • signalwire/stack [Unit-tests] Fix xml error not finding freeswitch.xml on FST_MINCORE_BEGIN #59
    • signalwire/stack [Unit-tests] Fix switch_xml test crash #58
    • signalwire/stack [fs_cli] Fix unchecked tainted data. #57
    • signalwire/stack [mod_test] Fix OSX build #47
    • signalwire/stack [core] scan-build: ULPFEC - Potential leak of memory pointed to by 'new_rtp' (unrealistic scenario) #44
    • signalwire/stack [mod_event_socket] Fix "Listener session is null" problem - regression from previous commit to the mod. #41
    • signalwire/freeswitch [mod_tts_commandline] fix crash on file not found #118
    • signalwire/stack [sofia-sip] Fix memory leak when a tcp connection gives POLLERR due to RST #37
    • signalwire/freeswitch [mod_event_socket] Adds null pointer checks on listener session and socket #95

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