SignalWire STACK | Release 20.19.7

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Release Date 2019-09-26

What's new

    The FreeSWITCH source code repository is now available on GitHub. For years, the repository has been hosted using Jira. Due to technical issues related to the differing versioning systems, migrating to GitHub while respecting the full development history of the project was virtually impossible. Despite the challenge, after a lot of work and perseverance, and thanks to the kind collaboration of GitHub, we got it done! Because we were dedicated to maintaining the commit history and hashes to keep existing checkouts from breaking, the 15-year-long span of commits and hashes has been preserved verbatim, in its entirety.

    For STACK’s new release, we put a lot of work into improving stability and memory management. Highlights from this release include bug fixes, database improvements, plugged memory leaks, repaired database handle cache logic, resolution for a few nasty crashes (especially for those using mod_spandsp), and one fixed regression in mod_fifo.

    How to get it

    New Features

    • [FS-11827] - Add feature allowing FreeSWITCH to store CORE DB (SQLite) fully in memory
    • [FS-12022] - Receive my BACKGROUND_JOB events on outbound socket if myevents (LFLAG_MYEVENTS) is set


    • [FS-11917] - if IPv6 disabled mod_event_socket silently stops default listener
    • [FS-12032] - remove extra ;
    • [FS-12033] - add public_url and tls_public_url to sofia status profile

    Resolved Issues

    • [FS-10191] - mod_conference: don't send CUSTOM event with action "video-floor-change" for audio calls
    • [FS-11836] - Fix scan-build issues for switch_core_media
    • [FS-11993] - fix gcc errors when building mod_http_cache and mod_smpp on rpi4 (buster)
    • [FS-11995] - [ERR] mod_fifo.c:4398 ODBC IS NOT AVAILABLE!
    • [FS-12021] - Remove ascii art on mod_signalwire token line
    • [FS-12025] - FreeSWITCH crashes on reloadxml when spandsp tone detection is running
    • [FS-12038] - [mod_sofia, core] Fix possible leak in chat_hash, add switch_core_hash_insert_auto_free()
    • [FS-12039] - [Core] Fix memory leak on ssl shutdown
    • [FS-12040] - [mod_sofia] Fix potential leak if realloc fails.
    • [FS-12041] - [Core] Fix memory leak on msrp shutdown
    • [FS-12042] - [sofia-sip] Fix typo in sresolv.
    • [FS-12048] - [Core] Fix leak in SQLite (switch_cache_db_execute_sql2str) when queries return a NULL containing field which may result in high memory consumption.
    • [FS-12050] - [Core] Fix DataBase Handle (DBH) cache logic
    • [FS-12055] - [mod_sofia] Fix leaks and release profile properly in general_event_handler() and actual_sofia_presence_event_handler()
    • [FS-12056] - [mod_sofia] Fix leaking destination in sofia_glue_do_invite() and leaking route in sofia_glue_gen_contact_str()
    • [FS-12057] - [mod_conference] Fix video mute
    • [FS-12058] - [sofia-sip] Fix scan-build issues in su_alloc.c

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