SignalWire STACK | Release 20.19.6

The most powerful communications framework keeps getting stronger.

Release Date 2019-08-21

What's new

  • New packaging available for Debian Buster, CentOS 7 and Raspberry PI (Buster and Stretch).
  • Added MySQL support (via mod_mariadb), we added a Database Module Interface in a previous release.
  • Many bugfixes and stability improvements

How to get it

New Features

  • [FS-11727] - Add native MySQL support to FreeSWITCH (mod_mariadb)
  • [FS-11972] - Add Raspberry Pi support


  • [FS-11860] - allow configurable separator in event_channel and process all parts of key
  • [FS-11903] - Fix errors reported by PVS-Studio Static Code Analyzer
  • [FS-11911] - Fix build on Debian Buster
  • [FS-11922] - improve switch_calc_bitrate
  • [FS-11926] - mod_spandsp_fax: execute_on_fax_close_detect
  • [FS-11929] - improve detection of when video is ready.
  • [FS-11931] - Convert mod_http_cache tests to use switch_test
  • [FS-11934] - add some conference test cases
  • [FS-11943] - Fix typos in aws.c
  • [FS-11977] - [mod_signalwire] Adding a configuration param to override dialplan context on connector
  • [FS-11982] - configuration of expand_vars in mod_kazoo fetch agent
  • [FS-11987] - Add sip Identity Header parsing

Resolved Issues

  • [FS-10976] - silence and tone detection problems
  • [FS-11654] - Add new video and audio media timeout options
  • [FS-11715] - Video uplink bandwidth dramatically goes down (Chrome->FS) .
  • [FS-11859] - [mod_verto] mod_verto.c:4041 Message: "MCAST Data Sent" logged as error when it is not.
  • [FS-11882] - FreeSWITCH ignores DTMF digits RTP packets with payload type negotiated with SDP
  • [FS-11895] - mod_av won't load
  • [FS-11915] - No Debian package for freeswitch-mod-cdr-pg-csv
  • [FS-11924] - Freeswitch sofa-sip segfault in function sdp_media_cmp
  • [FS-11944] - make fail address of array 'nh->nh_home' will always evaluate to 'true' [-Werror,-Wpointer-bool-conversion]
  • [FS-11945] - Opus decoder exits when it reeceives non-opus media unexpededly
  • [FS-11946] - Fix possible unallocated memory access.
  • [FS-11947] - Do not install test binaries when doing make install
  • [FS-11950] - Fix gcc8 errors in mod_pgsql
  • [FS-11952] - Fix memory leaks
  • [FS-11953] - garbled audio in conference after reinvite
  • [FS-11960] - Replaces all deprecated js methods for FF warnings
  • [FS-11966] - Fix regression after libsrtp upgrade to 2.2.0 resulting in no audio
  • [FS-11967] - No remote sound in recordings using OPUS codec
  • [FS-11970] - play_and_detect_speech() can get stuck
  • [FS-11971] - got 488 when rtp_secure_media is false and receive invite with SRTP/RTP
  • [FS-11973] - FS crashes when mod_event_multicast module is unloaded
  • [FS-11975] - Transfer with rtp_pass_codecs_on_stream_change one way audio
  • [FS-11979] - fst_xcheck passes wrong args to underlying test framework
  • [FS-11981] - FreeSWITCH crash any time in switch_timer.c when high throughput
  • [FS-11989] - Fix regression when using database module interface
  • [FS-11991] - Fix bug in the database module interface preventing tables from being created when no drop_sql
  • [FS-11998] - Fix improper json_api module unload
  • [FS-12001] - mod_callcenter: Can't use mod_mariadb with MySQL due to keyword on table schema
  • [FS-12007] - Fix leak in FreeSWITCH core on shutdown.
  • [FS-12008] - Regression of FS-7529 due to fix for FS-11967
  • [FS-12010] - Fix memory leaks on FreeSWITCH shutdown.

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