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SignalWire STACK | Release 20.19.4

The most powerful communications framework keeps getting stronger.

Jul 10, 2019

Release Date 2019-05-13

What's new

  • [FS-11567] - Fix CentOS RPM packaging
  • [FS-11774] - Quiet down logs from conference moderator command over verto
  • [FS-11806] - Fix osx build error in mod_sofia


  • [FS-11159] - Set the transport based on next hop
  • [FS-11721] - Improve msrp
  • [FS-11745] - [mod_verto] Add audio JB size and RTCP delay to verto config
  • [FS-11753] - Tweak vad test and debug
  • [FS-11754] - Sync audio before detect
  • [FS-11768] - Llet non-moderator control their own channel like mute/deaf etc
  • [FS-11773] - Add callID to conference private event
  • [FS-11775] - Wait_for_silence debug messages showing as ERR
  • [FS-11781] - Test framework improvements
  • [FS-11784] - Quiet some noisy logs
  • [FS-11785] - Fix scan-build errors
  • [FS-11791] - Mod_kazoo fixes & improvements
  • [FS-11801] - Allow deletion of running task
  • [FS-11805] - Apply NAT session timeout on outbound calls
  • [FS-11810] - Make mod_httapi fetch_cache_data error logs better
  • [FS-11813] - Remove libtpl dependency from FreeSWITCH
  • [FS-11816] - Update libsrtp to latest 2.2.0
  • [FS-11820] - Check read_frame_callback in switch_ivr_sleep
  • [FS-11824] - Add a SWITCH_CAUSE that maps to 607 Unwanted
  • [FS-11831] - Add fs_tts to generate tts
  • [FS-11839] - Update libks to 1.3.0 and signalwire-client-c to 1.2.0 on Windows

      Resolved Issues

      • [FS-9894] - mod_callcenter: timeout to call an agent hardcoded to 60sec
      • [FS-11342] - HEP and HEP3 has incorrect capture_id
      • [FS-11696] - format_fields field in AMQP producer not fully initialized
      • [FS-11725] - Fix core tests
      • [FS-11790] - mod_loopback sends wrong lnfo in loopback::direct event
      • [FS-11792] - Memory leak observed in Freeswitch core
      • [FS-11807] - uuid_recv_dtmf wrong error response
      • [FS-11818] - Fix memory leak when using dial handle
      • [FS-11822] - re-upgrade video failed
      • [FS-11823] - Fix memory leak in session
      • [FS-11825] - auth blind settings not allowing fallback to challenge
      • [FS-11830] - memory leak in mod_enum
      • [FS-11832] - payload for video is not correct after reinvite
      • [FS-11837] - Add feature to allow execution of an app on audio change, execute_on_audio_change variable
      • [FS-11838] - kazoo tweaks not properly handling intercept event

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