SignalWire STACK | Release 20.19.3

The most powerful communications framework keeps getting stronger.

Release Date 2019-04-04

What's new

    • Replace the write video of session with a bug
    • New dialplan application to wait for video stream being ready (ICE and DTLS setup)
    • Add switch_ivr_play_and_collect
    • Mod_rayo build error
    • Update libks to 1.2.0 and signalwire-client-c to 1.1.0 on Windows


    • Mod_sofia: Allow authoritative proxy to provide token needed to access directory profile
    • Event streaming in mod_kazoo
    • Allow setting variables per recording
    • Allow granular process of acls by adding also checking port
    • Add peer uuid in loopback:bowout event
    • Add log tags to core logging system and mod_graylog
    • Conference vid-res showing -ERR no reply
    • Mod_kazoo fixes & improvements
    • Add a configuration to loopback not bowout on inner bridge
    • Handle interaction-id on transfers and outgoing channels

How to get it

Resolved Issues

  • [FS-9942] - Channels other than sofia cannot be intercepted
  • [FS-9956] - Caller-profile not initialized when using PFLAG_BLIND_AUTH
  • [FS-11480] - Noise seen in mixer output for conference
  • [FS-11697] - ULPFEC: fix reconnect/ha on ulpfec calls
  • [FS-11704] - Debian packaging: "DAEMON_OPTS=-ncwait -nonat" in freeswitch.service causing startup failure
  • [FS-11706] - Fix too many stacked extensions error caused by data race
  • [FS-11708] - Deadlock on deprecated call "avmd uuid stop"
  • [FS-11713] - No reinvite to bleg when media upgrade from aleg
  • [FS-11718] - uuid_break yields -ERR no reply
  • [FS-11719] - uuid_broadcast yields OK on bogus uuid
  • [FS-11729] - WIX Project Fails to Find MergeModule Folder due to incorrect version in path. Fixed by hard coding source path in WiX project definition.
  • [FS-11732] - mod_kazoo support for OTP21
  • [FS-11742] - mod_kazoo missing core-uuid in node info runtime

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