SignalWire STACK | Release 20.19.2

What's new in release 20.19.2

Release Date 2019-03-08

What's new

  • Forward Error Correction support added to RTP
  • RFC-7989 end-to-end session identification
  • New database module interface: create your own database modules in STACK
  • Video quality improvements and improved compatibility with Chrome
  • Bug fixes and improvements

How to get it

Resolved Issues

  • [FS-9657] - FS does not send Homer Encapsulation Protocol packets for inbound TLS messages
  • [FS-10513] - mod_http_cache ignores ssl-verifyhost configuration
  • [FS-10720] - PLAYBACK_STOP event is not sent in ESL for playback if speed has been changed with uuid_fileman
  • [FS-11007] - mod_conference: misc fixes: fix record counter & reply to hup
  • [FS-11105] - Fix in switch_core_file_write() for channels > 2
  • [FS-11370] - Verto Communicator doesn't handle Safari's changing deviceId's
  • [FS-11373] - mod_say_it reads date twice
  • [FS-11384] - stun: ICE USE-CANDIDATE fix
  • [FS-11452] - SIP packets that arrive under 30ms of each other causes inconsistent behavior in ACK handling
  • [FS-11482] - Crash in mod_conference
  • [FS-11549] - Don't send RTCP receiver report when we're sender
  • [FS-11561] - RTCP: DLSR wrap around check
  • [FS-11591] - Overconstrained error when making calls on Safari without specifying video dimensions
  • [FS-11608] - Prefix for caller profile soft variables not set
  • [FS-11609] - switch_caller_get_field_by_name should look into soft variables
  • [FS-11624] - Multi core -j make with mod_rayo and mod_ssml fails sometimes
  • [FS-11628] - Fix switch_core_video typo
  • [FS-11631] - RTCP: SR sender info: fix RTP timestamp for video
  • [FS-11635] - RTCP: fix ssrc in FIR and fix dup in cum_lost
  • [FS-11636] - mod_say_de.c bug when SST_CURRENT_DATE_TIME is used
  • [FS-11637] - Verto crashes when no root-password is set
  • [FS-11642] - Add audio and video versions of the variables set for the rtp_retain_crypto_keys feature
  • [FS-11644] - Fix send_dtmf containing w or W
  • [FS-11659] - src/switch_rtp.c: error: implicit declaration of function 'RAND_bytes'
  • [FS-11660] - Not parsing sdp after first video reject.
  • [FS-11669] - Fix timeout in switch_wait_sock() and switch_wait_socklist()
  • [FS-11671] - Fix divide by 0 error
  • [FS-11675] - Fix RTCP NACK - start of call
  • [FS-11679] - SIP message sent by FS logged incompletely in tport dump log
  • [FS-11680] - Register with transport=ws in contact via a proxy with transport UDP shouldn't be treated as NAT.
  • [FS-11681] - Add ignore_early_media=broadcast.
  • [FS-11691] - switch_log_node_dup() doesn't set node content

New Feature

  • [FS-10801] - Add database module interface
  • [FS-10882] - Add support for ULP FEC
  • [FS-11557] - Add support for RFC 7989: End-to-end session identification
  • [FS-11621] - Add function switch_core_strndup
  • [FS-11676] - Add JSON support to mod_lua


  • [FS-10530] - New module: mod_opusfile (reads and writes ogg/opus files )
  • [FS-10598] - Store SIP "Replaces" header parameters and callid value as channel variables
  • [FS-10623] - Add conference variables from conference profile definition to be to conference events
  • [FS-10704] - Add event-uuid-name to event socket execute so execute events can be easily tracked
  • [FS-10744] - Add conference member session UUID, Fetch-Call-UUID, to conference member events.
  • [FS-10820] - Event streaming in mod_kazoo
  • [FS-10969] - Increase the maximum number of tones in mod_spandsp call progress detector from 32 to 128
  • [FS-11132] - Add broadcast app to mod_dptools. Execute APPs on bridged call legs.
  • [FS-11134] - Return uuid in bgdial-rsult
  • [FS-11184] - Retry xml_locate_language with primary language code when subtags do not match
  • [FS-11290] - Add canvasID and watchingCanvasID to mod_conference json events
  • [FS-11291] - Fix mod_conference - it was impossible to watch the first canvas
  • [FS-11292] - Update member status on canvas change in mod_conference
  • [FS-11293] - mod_conference: Attach member to the original canvas when returning from video muted
  • [FS-11300] - mod_conference: pause video decoders on initially video muted members
  • [FS-11301] - Add canvas-auto-clear sub command to mod_conference
  • [FS-11313] - New channel variable rtcp_mux_auto_detect: enable rtcp-mux when offered in the SDP
  • [FS-11425] - Refactor video settings so conference can choose different settings
  • [FS-11468] - [vpx] Split VPX payload evenly across packets (as Chrome does) to eliminate excessive rtp out-of-order (and thus NACKs/re-transmissions)
  • [FS-11606] - Improve T.38 fax logging and channel variables
  • [FS-11607] - New JSON APIs: sofia.status,
  • [FS-11640] - Replace inappropriate use of char * in function prototypes with const char *
  • [FS-11646] - Improved support for ICE-Lite
  • [FS-11670] - Add database name to database logs
  • [FS-11674] - Packaging: Use systemd native RunAs User
  • [FS-11685] - Add audio/wav to mime.types config file
  • [FS-11686] - Have mod_logfile say filename when rotating log
  • [FS-11692] - ULPFEC: add chan vars for fine-tuning

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