Earn $500 for creating an open source application with SignalWire

Learn why we're doing this, what's required for entry, and how to participate!

Community Manager

Alex Rowell

Update: As of February 9, 2023, pre-submissions for this version of the code contribution reward have closed. Look out for the launch of the next iteration in Fall 2023. Participants who have already had a project approved and dev credits issued can still complete the project - check the email you provided in your pre-submission for instructions from our community team.

We invite you to create an open source application using SignalWire's APIs/SDKs to receive $500. This is a reward, not an award, meaning each eligible contributor or team will receive $500 after final submission.

We are offering this reward to encourage developers to build innovative and cool open source applications using SignalWire. SignalWire offers developer tools that make communication easy to use in web and mobile applications. A key part of the submitted application needs to be communication (e.g. voice, video, dialing phone numbers and calling people or automated voice responses, or SMS/MMS). However, this does not mean that your application only has to deal with communication. We encourage integrations with third party applications (like Slack, Salesforce etc.)

What do you have to do?

  • Create an open source application that leverages the SignalWire Communication platform by using our SDKs/APIs
  • The submission must be available through a public GitHub repo
    • The code needs to be made available through a GNU LGPLv3 or more permissible license
    • The repo must include a license file and a readme file that describes the project
  • Your application needs to work. You can choose one of the following as a demonstration of the application in action
    • A docker image that can be built and run with one command line
    • A link to code sandbox or replit that shows the entire application
  • There should be no other configuration requirement (except for environment variables)
  • If your application includes a third party integration, any required accounts or additional setup must be documented

How will we determine who is eligible?

The only subjective criteria is whether or not your application showcases a cool / innovative communication idea using SignalWire. One way to determine whether you are going in the right direction is to check if your application needs a SignalWire API or not. If you remove the SignalWire API will it disable the core part of your application?

We will work with everyone interested during the pre-submission stage to ensure their idea meets the requirements. Your application does not need to have a business use case - fun, unusual, and cool uses are all welcome for submission! Additionally, we will take skill level into account for these projects - beginners are welcome to submit ideas. Any duplicates or derivative projects (slight modifications of existing ideas) will not be eligible. All eligible entries will receive $500.



All individuals or teams need to submit a brief of their idea to get started. During the pre-submission phase we will work with you to make sure the idea fits the prompt. Once approved, we’ll issue $50 in developer credit to your SignalWire account for use with the project.

Pre-submissions are now closed. Look out for the next version of this reward in Fall 2023.

Final Submission

  • Contact information
    • Required: email, SW space, and GH username
    • Optional: Social media accounts
  • Link to your GH repo which includes a license file and readme file that describes the project
  • Description of how to run the application (docker build/run instructions, codesandbox etc.) along with required environment variables
  • A minimum 60 second video that shows you running the entire application. You don’t need to be in the video - it can be a screen capture

Other details

  • The details and terms and conditions of this program can change at any time. We will notify all parties already signed up if conditions change.

  • SignalWire employees, vendors, and partners are not eligible for the program.

  • When the reward period ends, any already submitted briefs will be allowed to complete their submission and receive the reward. New submissions will not be accepted.

  • Submitting your application grants us the right to talk about your contribution and application in all forms of media.


Q: Can I submit more than one application?

A: Yes, you can submit as many unique applications as you like.

Q: Can I enter as part of a team and as an individual?

A: Yes, as long as each submission is unique.

Q: How is the reward given to a team?

A: We will issue one $500 reward per project to the contact information provided. Division of the reward is up to each team.

Q: Can I update an existing open source project to run on SignalWire APIs?

A: These submissions will be reviewed on a case by case basis, and eligibility determined based on the level of additional work required.

Q: If I've written an application with SignalWire in the past, can I submit that for this program?

A: Entering existing code is on a case by case basis, feel free to submit the idea via our submission form and mention it is already written. We may request updates to use current API/SDK offerings depending on the age of the project, and all other requirements will still apply.

Q: Will I receive credit for my contribution?

A: When discussing projects submitted, we’ll credit you/your team by name whenever possible as well as tagging you on your social media (if provided). If you prefer to remain anonymous or not be tagged, we’ll work with you to meet the level of anonymity you prefer.

Q: What if I have questions about SignalWire while I am working on my submission?

A: Join us on our Community Slack and ask away!

Q: What if I have additional questions about the reward or related to submissions?

A: Any questions about the reward and this program can be directed to