Fresh off the Wire, Mar 2023

Interactive Live Streaming, SDK updates, and Community news

Interactive Live Streaming

We are excited to announce the general availability of our newest video product: Interactive Live Streaming. Live streaming is an increasingly popular broadcasting option globally, allowing creators to connect with their followers or audience dynamically, often through chat or comments features. Interactive Live Streaming creates an even more personal connection with the audience where you have the option to invite participants on-stage to interact with them and keep the audience engaged.

Audience view of the live stream
Audience view of the live stream
Member view of the live stream
Member view of the live stream

For more ideas on how to use this new tool and information on Interactive Live Streaming, you may find the following resources useful:

Community Happenings

If you don’t follow SignalWire on any social media platforms, you may have missed some of the awesome new information published in March. Here’s a quick recap:

New Guides

  • With lots of developments in Answering Machine Detection, we have a new beginner’s guide and demo application. There is even a separate blog that includes information on AMD and an AMD demo with a simple dialer built in.

  • We have revamped the guide overview pages for each product namespace to provide more information on our resources and make them as easily accessible as possible. See the Voice overview and newly separated Voice FAQ for example.

SDK Releases

  • call.collect() is now available on the Realtime Server SDK which functions like call.prompt() but without a built-in audible prompt.

  • sessionTimeout has been added to connectSip and dialSip in the Realtime Server SDK to put a session time limit in the SIP header.

  • We have fixed a bug in the Realtime Server SDK that was keeping .ended() promises from resolving when playback, prompt, recording, detect, collect, or tap methods failed. Those promises will now resolve, and the missing event playback.failed was also added to round out the failure events.

  • We added logic for WebRTC session reconnect including events media.connected, media.disconnected, and media.reconnecting on the JS SDK RoomSession object.

  • The parameter seekPosition was added to in the Realtime Server SDK and JS Browser SDK to allow a video to start playing at a specific position.

You can read the full release notes for client and server-side SDKs on our GitHub Releases page.

Coming Soon

A visual call flow builder and UCaaS solution are on the horizon! We are also focused on offering UCaaS/CCaaS services internationally as data residency issues become more prevalent. SignalWire is one of the few companies in the market that can deploy a UCaaS/CCaaS service that meets data residency requirements while being HIPAA compliant, and we will continue to grow our support to meet international needs. And, of course, these major developments need infrastructure upgrades, so look forward to changes big and small in our products and platform.

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