Fresh off the Wire, Apr 2022

RELAY Integration, Advanced Video Conferencing Features, and Support Upgrades

A New Way to RELAY

Our server-side Realtime SDK will include RELAY by the beginning of May! Thanks to the hard work of our developers, we have integrated Messaging and Voice into the Realtime API that already handled Video and Chat. This is part of an ongoing effort to offer a smooth, unified developer experience. Let’s dive into what that change looks like.

Currently, sending a message from your SignalWire phone number looks something like this:

You may use a Consumer for more complex messaging campaigns, but the setup is very similar.

With the new RELAY Realtime SDK, your code will look something like this:

The structure is familiar, but you will notice the biggest difference is in the client constructor being available on each namespace. This allows you as the developer to enjoy an equivalent coding experience across Voice, Messaging, Video, and Chat. We hope this supports our customers as they develop ever more robust and dynamic applications.

More Advances for Programmable Video Conferences

SignalWire has always offered a powerful base with MCU (Multipoint Control Unit) architecture which enables low-latency video conferencing. With every advancement to Programmable Video Conferences, we offer an even more powerful product on the front end as well. As promised last month, more features are now available! The prebuilt UI now includes

  • A pre-join screen to allow you to select and test your devices

  • A device picker to allow you to switch devices during the call

  • A participant list that includes the ability to mute and unmute participants if you have moderator permissions.

And Now for the Video Power in Action...

We have released three new example applications showing how to exploit Video Conferences' prebuilt UI. Because all of these applications use our prebuilt UI,  the code is reduced to the essential additions, and it's very easy to get started.

The first is a React implementation that creates a basic video application with a minimal amount of coding. You can give this one a try even without signing up for a space!

The second example, “Using Layout Positions,” shows how to have granular control over the layout of a video room using the concept of Positions. Choose a preset layout and direct where each member’s video stream is displayed within it.

The last example is called “Getting Thumbnails for Video Rooms.” It walks through implementing video previews so you can show what's going on in a room even before joining it.

We're Here for Support

In an effort to better support our customers, we have added a couple of features to your SignalWire Space for new and existing users:

  • When a new customer signs up for a SignalWire Space, we ask them for their Role and what they are focused on building. By knowing what our customers are looking for, we can offer the correct onboarding experience to allow them to get started faster and easier.

  • The top navigation in all SignalWire Spaces now shows the customer's support level. All customers start at the Basic tier. The support tier text links to the summary of support options. Customers who are interested in upgrading their support should contact Support via the “Help” link in the top navigation.

We have also finalized pricing tiers and options for Video API usage and our new Programmable Video Conferences. Please visit our pricing page for more details.

Some Messages on Messaging

  • On April 20, 2022, we began billing for the first three months of TCR campaign fees upfront upon registration of a new campaign. This is in alignment with The Campaign Registry’s upfront billing of the minimum three-month commitment for registration. Campaign fees will be charged on a month-by-month basis beginning with the fourth month of your campaign if it is not deactivated prior to the end of the three-month minimum.

  • Beginning May 15, 2022, a no-cost verification process is required for all newly-purchased Toll-Free numbers before they are permitted to send any messages. Any account with existing Toll-Free numbers being used for messaging will have until September 30, 2022 to go through this verification step for those numbers. Customers can visit the SignalWire Toll-Free Verification page for more details and to kick off the Toll-Free sender verification process for one or more of their numbers purchased after May 15, 2022.

  • The Campaign Registry has introduced Aegis Mobile as a new external vetting partner for Political Vetting. So, customers can now vet their brands through either Aegis Mobile or a CampaignVerify token with the same requirements and effects with each method. The following entities have access to the “Political” Use Case:
    • Nonprofit entities with a 501 (c)(4/5/6) status: automatically identified, no need for Vetting

    • Nonprofit entities with a 527 status: need to apply for or import Vet

    • Sole Proprietors: need to apply for or import Vet

       Current pricing for Aegis Political vetting: $64.00 - $91.95 (Depending on the delivery method).

Roadmap: What’s Ahead?

We will continue building out Programmable Video Conferences to bring you

  • PSTN and SIP connectivity
  • WordPress plugin capabilities

  • RTMP outputs

We will also be upgrading your SignalWire Space experience by rolling out monthly automated billing statements.

So, stay tuned. Same Bat Channel. Different Bat Time.