COVID-19 Screening using Dialogflow

Simple integration as an inaugural Dialogflow One-Click Telephony Partner


In response to the growing need to disseminate information regarding COVID-19, Google has made Dialogflow agent and fulfillment code samples for COVID-19 available on Github as a starting point for call center applications.

A tutorial and demo for setting this up exists on their Dialogflow documentation.  This article expands on the referenced telephony integration for conversational AI.

From Google Dialogflow Documentation

Excerpt from Dialogflow Documentation

SignalWire One-Click Telephony

To discover our Google One-Click Telephony integration, please visit our previous blog post on this topic.

To see how this works, you can call the Dialogflow agent in our account:

+1 (337) 516-0890

You can ask the agent questions like:

  • How long does the COVID virus stay on a surface?
  • Should I wear a facemask?
  • I think I might have COVID-19. Should I see a doctor?

Try it out!

Dialogflow Call Log within SignalWire Space

A Rich Software-Defined Telephony Platform

Beyond this simple Dialogflow integration, you can also take advantage of more advanced capabilities, including:

  • Toll-free numbers
  • Custom vanity telephone numbers and area codes
  • Call transfer capabilities to connect callers with human agents
  • API integration for software-defined telephony

For more information, contact SignalWire today.