Building What's Next in Communications

SignalWire Product Roadmap Insights

Erik Lagerway | VP Product

Once in a while something happens in communications that enables a paradigm shift, flipping the way we think and work with communications technology.

From the printing press back in the 1400s all the way up to the advent of the Internet and TCP/IP, there have been landmark events that enable new ways for us to communicate.

Some of us believe that we are at the next inflection point in another big step forward in communications development. These new changes could fundamentally alter the way we think about building applications, services and products in communications and other industries.

Before joining SignalWire, I was talking to a few colleagues and had heard rumblings of something exciting happening in the space. I reconnected with some old friends in the FreeSWITCH community. They were building something new, it sounded like it might be directly aligned with my own thoughts on what the future of communications application development should look like.

After hearing the founders share their vision and seeing the progress being made, it was clear that SignalWire was going to have a positively impactful effect on the entire industry. It was also clear that we all wanted the same thing - to build the most innovative development tools of our time and truly empower developers.

Elated and honored, I was asked to join the team. We wasted no time talking to existing and new prospect customers, laying the groundwork for what is shaping up to be the most compelling communications product roadmap I have seen in recent years.

Now that I am firmly planted in SignalWire, I thought I would share some highlights of what’s coming down the pipe here, aptly named Roadmap Insights.

Roadmap Insights

The snow is falling in some parts of the US and Canada which can make life a bit challenging, but rest assured SignalWire is not letting a little precipitation slow us down. We are burning it up and spirits are high!

Q4 2018 was a huge success with valuable feedback coming from our many SignalWire CLOUD beta users. They are building some fantastic voice and messaging projects with our initial RESTful APIs, ranging from message aggregation services to AI enabled voice reservation, scheduling services, and so much more. We had a successful launch and provided general access to the service mid-October.

November was christened with SIP Connectivity as we enabled the ability to purchase numbers in US and Canada which could then be used on your PBXs and other SIP endpoints. SIP was quickly followed by our Verified Caller ID feature enabling anyone to use their existing number as an outgoing Caller ID in their applications or SIP devices.

December saw our STACK & FreeSWITCH Connector release, which enabled the ability to add and manage resources from STACK in CLOUD, all from our CLOUD APIs and in the SignalWire CLOUD dashboard. Then came Fax and local number porting (LNP), which allows anyone to bring their existing numbers to SignalWire!

2019 will be no less exciting! Developers can look forward to our first RELAY API and SDK releases. RELAY is a new way of thinking about communications development. RELAY is a major evolution in comms development, providing real-time events and event monitoring! If REST was the road to the promised land, RELAY would be the high-speed superhighway.

Our first RELAY release will be the RELAY JavaScript APIs, immediately followed by WebRTC libs, and mobile SDKs. Then we will see plenty of updates on our integration with Google AI / DialogFlow delivering the ability to not just send calls to a Dialogflow agent, but to also transfer callers back to a live agent if need be. This will be followed by Dialogflow Messaging (text chat bots powered by SignalWire)  International calling, and E911 support.

We are hear ;) for you!

Speaking of support, our driving passion here at SignalWire is customer success, it is a huge priority for us. We genuinely care about your experience and work hard to provide levels of support you don’t find anywhere else. With that focus, we are also adding resilience to our support systems and dashboard to ensure we provide SignalWire customers an experience that is unrivaled in the industry.

The entire SignalWire team is truly thrilled to share our many months of hard work, we know you will be as thrilled to use the tools we are building. We look forward to sharing our progress with you as it unfolds.

P.S. We always announce features to our community before bringing it to the general public, so sign up for your free SignalWire account today and join our Community!