AT&T A2P 10DLC Launch & Campaign Registry Update

Important updates to the 10-digit long code ecosystem

Director of Telecommunications Aaron Alter

UPDATE - MARCH 2, 2021 - AT&T has announced that to allow additional time for industry readiness for the AT&T 10DLC SMS launch, they are introducing a 60-day “grace period”.  Until May 1, 2021, all messages sent to the AT&T network from 10DLC numbers will incur a flat network access fee, regardless of the campaign type and whether or not it is registered with the Campaign Registry. This fee will be $0.0020/msg for SMS and $0.0035/msg for MMS. 

Beginning May 1, 2021, the grace period will end, and the fee structure outlined below will go into effect. We still encourage all SignalWire customers to start the registration process as soon as possible to take advantage of improved deliverability and throughput. SignalWire will still be covering the initial fees associated with brand and campaign registration if the application form is submitted prior to April 30, 2021.

The following is an update to our previous blog in regards to The Campaign Registry ecosystem rollout as well as the launch of AT&T's A2P 10DLC service and how it relates.

What's Happening?

AT&T will be launching their A2P 10DLC service beginning March 1st, 2021. This launch will assume new NAF’s (Network Access Fee) on all text messages sent to AT&T phone numbers. In addition, businesses will now be required to register their businesses & campaigns with The Campaign Registry. There will be higher assumed NAF’s for numbers that send messages to AT&T numbers without being registered.

What are the new AT&T NAF’s (Network Access Fee)?

There are multiple fees that are directly dependent on whether your numbers are registered or not as well as how they are registered. See AT&T’s fee schedule below.

AT&T NAF’s for unregistered traffic beginning March 1st 2021:

  • $0.004 - per SMS message

  • $0.005 - per MMS message

AT&T NAF’s for registered traffic beginning March 1st 2021 will vary based on campaign type (see table below):

Campaign type

Use Case (Risk Level)

AT&T long code SMS carrier fee

AT&T long code MMS carrier fee

Use cases within campaign type

Declared Use Case




Single use case covering 2FA, authentication, customer care, group messaging, notifications, operations, etc.

Mixed / Marketing Use Case




Marketing use case or combination of use cases under one campaign.

Special Services




Charity, emergency services, public safety




Political use cases

Why is this happening?

As discussed in our previous blog The Campaign Registry for A2P 10DLC Messaging, the MNO’s (Mobile Network Operators aka wireless carriers) have partnered up with a company called Kaleyra to create The Campaign Registry. The Campaign Registry provides Application-to-Person (A2P) 10 Digit Long Code (10DLC) messaging campaign registration services. The platform is a single source of information about 10DLC messaging campaigns throughout the U.S., enabling the messaging ecosystem (the MNO’s) to see who sent any given 10DLC message and what they claim to be sending, which can be checked and validated against actual messaging behavior.

MNO’s can now have visibility into the “who” and “what” of each messaging campaign which allows them to provide a better quality of service for 10DLC messaging, while service providers like SignalWire can have confidence knowing that they are using an officially sanctioned messaging channel. Customers such as yourselves can finally benefit from a better quality of service as well as better predictability of success for your messaging campaigns.

The Campaign Registry is about creating a centralized, trusted access point to key information enabling the messaging service providers such as SignalWire, to exchange transparency (directly with the MNO’s) in who they are and what they are doing for more predictable and reliable service delivery to end-users. We are proud to be at the forefront of these changes in working together with all of our partners in being part of this new ecosystem.

What do I need to do?

As mentioned above, SignalWire has been at the forefront of these changes for quite some time and is a fully registered Campaign Service Provider with The Campaign Registry. To begin the process, we will need to get your numbers and campaigns verified with the registry. You can start that process by filling and submitting this form and then contacting your sales representative.

What information is required to register?

There are essentially two main requirements needed to register:

  1. Identify your businesses to the carrier networks (Brand registration)

  2. Register the type of messages you will be sending, ie...alerts (Campaign registration)

I noticed that I need to provide my companies Tax or EIN number, what if I do not have one?

The Campaign Registry requires a company to provide their Tax or related ID. This is part of the process that allows them to ensure the business's legitimacy. If you do not have one, you may try and input your social, but it’s not a guarantee it will ultimately be accepted and approved.

What happens when I register my Brand?

When you register your business as a Brand, The Campaign Registry run’s a verification check using the information provided. Based on the outcome of that verification check, the Registry will assign your Brand a Trust Score (Low, Med, High). This trust score will be used as one of the factors that determine your maximum messaging throughput (see below).

What factors will affect my maximum approved throughput?

As mentioned above, when your brand is registered, it is assigned a Trust Score. Your trust score along with your campaign type (referenced above), will determine your maximum approved throughput.

What if my approved Trust Score is not high enough for my needs?

If the trust score your Brand is approved for upon sign up does not fit your needs, There are 3rd party vetting partners of the registry that allow for additional vetting. There are added costs (see below) associated with that process and added vetting does not guarantee a better outcome.

Will I be able to send messages at the throughputs I am approved for via the registry?

As of March 1st, the MNO’s will not have full support for the added throughputs, but we expect that to happen in the near future. We will communicate once those changes have been in place.

What exactly is a campaign?

The simplest way to describe a campaign is a unique use case! For example, if you send marketing messages and also send alert messages, that would represent two different use cases.

How many campaigns will I need?

You need one campaign per use case as defined above. Some businesses will require only one use case/campaign (ie….I only send marketing messages). Other businesses may require many use cases/campaigns (ie….I send marketing and alert messages).

How many numbers can I associate with a single campaign?

Remember, the main purpose of The Campaign Registry is to allow for verified businesses with valid use cases to operate freely and in a successful manner (and to filter out those that are not). That said, if there is a valid use case to use more than one number via a single campaign ( want to show locality), registry provides an input where that can be approved.

Is there a registration deadline?

AT&T expects businesses to register their Brands, Campaigns, & associated 10DLC numbers beginning March 1st but no later than June 1st 2021.

What if I don't register?

As mentioned above, the purpose of this new ecosystem is to provide valid businesses with a reliable way to ensure their messages will be delivered successfully, while at the same time ensuring non-valid businesses as well as nefarious players are not. For this system to work, the MNO’s have put the following in place:

  1. NAFs (Network Access Fees) - As detailed above, messages sent from numbers not registered after March 1st, will incur a higher NAF than those registered.

  2. Heavy Message Filtering / Blocking - In addition, AT&T has announced that any messages sent from numbers not registered after June 1st, 2021, will be subject to heavy filtering and potential blockage.

Are there any costs associated with registering?

Yes. There will be costs associated with Campaign Registration. However, SignalWire is committed to making sure its customers become registered quickly and painlessly. Therefore, SignalWire will pay the initial registration costs as well as the first months campaign costs if you register before April 30th, 2021 (after that point, monthly costs will be charged as normal).

What are the registration costs?

See fee table below






One time for each brand



Monthly for each Campaign

Account Notifications


Monthly for each Campaign

Customer Care


Monthly for each Campaign

Delivery Notifications


Monthly for each Campaign

Fraud Alert Messaging


Monthly for each Campaign

Higher Education


Monthly for each Campaign

Low Volume Mixed


Monthly for each Campaign



Monthly for each Campaign



Monthly for each Campaign

Polling and voting


Monthly for each Campaign

Public Service Announcement


Monthly for each Campaign

Security Alert


Monthly for each Campaign

Carrier Exemptions


Monthly for each Campaign



Monthly for each Campaign

Conversational Messaging


Monthly for each Campaign



Monthly for each Campaign

Gambling and Sweepstakes


Monthly for each Campaign



Monthly for each Campaign



Monthly for each Campaign

Large CSP Trial


Monthly for each Campaign

What are the costs if I want to go through additional vetting to try and higher my Trust Score?

As discussed above, your approved Trust Score is a factor in what your approved throughput will be. If the approved throughput assigned via the registry via the normal registration process is not enough for your business's needs, the registry will accept additional vetting approval via three vetting partners. NOTE, the options below do NOT guarantee a higher approved Trust Score and any fees listed will be charged whether approved or not.

  1. Aegis Mobile - Aegis mobile is one of the vetting partners approved by the registry. Through its partnership, The Campaign Registry has created a submission process within its portal to submit the additional vetting request. The cost of this request is a one-time fee of $40.00. The request process is usually completed within minutes. However, it can take up to a week.

  2. WMC/GLOBAL - WMC/GLOBAL is another approved vetting partner of The Campaign Registry. If you wish to go through them for added vetting, it would need to be done directly. Can do so by clicking here. If approval is given, they will give you a unique ‘vetting Identifier’. SignalWire can then import that identifier into your Brand’s profile within the registry which will instantly give you the higher approved throughputs. For the associated costs, you will need to reach out to WMC/GLOBAL directly.

  3. Campaign Verify - Campaign Verify is another Campaign Registry approved vetting partner. Campaign Verify is a non-partisan, non-profit service for US political campaigns, parties, and PACs to verify their identity. If your business is running political campaigns and you are needing a higher Trust Score, you are best going through them for the added vetting. If approval is given, they will give you a unique ‘vetting Identifier’. SignalWire can then import that identifier into your Brand’s profile within the registry which will instantly give you the higher approved throughputs. For the associated costs, you will need to reach out to Campaign Verify directly.

Can I go directly to The Campaign Registry to register?

As mentioned, SignalWire has been at the forefront and has become a registered CSP (Campaign Service Provider) so that we can handle registration on your behalf and make it easier for you. That said, if you still prefer to directly go to the Campaign Registry on your own, please reach out to your sales representative for further details.

How long does the registration process take?

The registration process essentially contains two parts. First, registering your Brand & Campaigns. That process is done via the Registry and is processed almost instantly. The second part is associating your numbers with their designated Campaigns at the messaging provider level. This is done so that when AT&T or any participating MNO receives your messages, the associated Brand & Campaign IDs as well as its associated approvals are recognized which ensures the delivery of your messages. This part of the process can take anywhere from 1 - 48 hours (mostly depending on processing traffic). NOTE, we are currently working hand in hand with our messaging partners in having this process further automated and expect it to only take a few minutes in the near future.

How will I know when I am fully registered and ready to go?

Our dedicated Customer Support Representatives will be working closely with you from the time you have submitted your request until all steps have been completed.

Once I am registered, can I send anything I want?

No! As mentioned, approval is not a green-light ticket to send anything. In fact, the system is set up so that the MNO’s have a way of knowing who and what they are sending allowing for proper enforcement. ALL messaging industry guidelines set for by the CTIA as well as the MNO’s must still be followed to ensure successful message delivery. Those details can be found here.

What if I change my messaging content?

If the content change is related to the same use case you used during the initial Campaign approval process, no changes will likely need to be made. However, if the new content you are looking to send is not related to the original use case, you would likely need to have that information changed within the registry. If you are not sure, please contact one of our Support Representatives.

What if I want to add an additional number to my current campaign?

As mentioned above, as long as there is a valid reason you are needing to add an additional number to a current and active campaign, you are able to do so. Contact our Support Representatives to start that process (the process is fairly quick).

What if I want to add a new Campaign?

You can start the process by contacting our Support Representatives.

Is there an API I can use for registering to speed up the registration process?

Not as of yet! However, we are currently working closely with the registry as well as our messaging provider to make that happen as soon as possible. We will provide an update on this in the very near future.

Will there be daily messaging limits?

AT&T has not announced a daily messaging cap. However, as mentioned, there is an approved throughput limit that is set dependent on the Trust Score’s mentioned above.

What if I send messages to SignalWire at a higher throughput rate than I am approved for?

SignalWire has built a queuing system on our end that will queue up your messages and send them out in accordance with the approved throughput limits. This ensures all your messages will be delivered even if you send them at a higher than approved rate. NOTE! As mentioned above, the additional approved throughput limits are not in place as of yet. The current 10DLC throughput limits are 1MPS (Message Per Second) for both SMS & MMS messages.

My company provides messaging services to multiple companies, how do I go about getting them registered?

The Campaign Registry provides for a Reseller persona. In addition, you have the option to directly register as your own CSP (Campaign Service Provider) directly with the registry. Please reach out to your sales representatives to discuss these options in further detail.

Do these changes affect my Toll-Free Numbers?

No! The Campaign Registry applies to 10DLC (ten-digit long code) numbers ONLY. Toll-free numbers as well as short codes are not affected or related to this ecosystem.

Do these changes affect my short codes?

No! SignalWire currently only offers dedicated short code services. Dedicated short code services are not affected by these changes.

Do these changes apply to Verizon's existing A2P 10DLC service?

No! Verizon has not officially announced a partnership with The Campaign Registry as of yet. If that changes in the future, we will provide additional communication.

What about T-Mobile (including Sprint)?

T-Mobile has announced their A2P 10DLC fee schedule. However, they have not announced their launch date as of yet. We do expect the launch date to be announced in the very near future and will provide all those details accordingly.

What about other mobile networks?

This whole ecosystem is still very new as well as a large industry change. The Campaign Registry is continuing to work with all the MNO’s and we expect them all to join in the near future. We will provide those updates accordingly.

Do these changes apply everywhere or just in the US?

These changes currently only apply to 10DLC numbers sending messages to AT&T numbers. If you are sending messaging exclusively outside of the US, no changes need to be made at this time.

What if I am already registered on The Campaign Registry with another provider, will I need to re-register again when migrating to SignalWire?

Yes! Each messaging provider is its own CSP (Campaign Service Provider) & registered uniquely with The Campaign Registry. If you are migrating from another provider, you will need to go through this process.

If I am migrating from another provider, will my messages be blocked before I am registered with SignalWire?

No! Your current registration will remain in place until SignalWire’s registration overwrites the current information. Thus allowing for zero disruptions.

What if I switch to another provider in the future, will I need to re-register?

Yes! As mentioned, each messaging provider is its own unique CSP (Campaign Service Provider). Therefore, you would need to go through the same process with the new provider when switching over.

Can I have numbers with multiple providers at the same time?

Yes! However, you would need to register with each provider accordingly for each set of numbers.

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