SignalWire Launches Twilio Alternative With Disruptive Pricing

SignalWire CLOUD now offers Legacy Antiquated Markup Language

SignalWire, Inc., proprietors of FreeSWITCH, the leading global communications platformtoday announced SignalWire CLOUD now offers Legacy Antiquated Markup Language (LāML, pronounced “lame-ul”), a markup language that is feature-to-feature compatible with Twilio’s TwiML, and allows developers to easily migrate communication application traffic to the SignalWire CLOUD platform and take advantage of significantly lower voice and messaging rates.

SignalWire is taking aim at massive disruption in the space, with prices that are often pennies on the dollar compared to the competition. A phone number on SignalWire CLOUD costs $.08 per month compared to $1.00 per month from Twilio. With the LāML offering, customers with applications developed using Twilio’s TwiML can access those rates by changing as little as one line of code.

“What Twilio is doing is not fair to customers,” said Anthony Minessale, CEO of SignalWire. “The markups are enormous with little value-add to justify them. SignalWire is focused on innovation and moving the programmable communications space forward, not on how much margin we can squeeze for minutes.”

SignalWire CLOUD is a new platform for building advanced communications products, applications, and enterprise infrastructure with simple-to-use and disruptively-priced APIs.

SignalWire CLOUD enables rapid application development and elastic cloud resource management, eliminating the complexity and cost required to develop, maintain, and scale low-level communications infrastructure.

“Legacy communications APIs are based on outdated technology and are terrible for the true real-time interactions required by modern applications,” said Evan McGee, CTO of SignalWire. “With LāML we are making it easy for customers to come to SignalWire CLOUD, immediately save money, and then build advanced features and applications with support that only our technology can provide.”

Customers interested in migrating to SignalWire can sign up for free at SignalWire is also offering a $50 account credit to all new sign-ups with a promo code available on the site.

“The days of price-gouging proxied carrier services are over,” said Sean Heiney, COO of SignalWire. “Voice and messaging traffic is becoming commoditized, and we’re accelerating the inevitable. API providers who are essentially middle-men for minutes and messages should be nervous.”

About SignalWire

SignalWire delivers a cloud platform for building advanced communications products, applications, or enterprise infrastructure. Our APIs, built for developers of all skill sets, enable rapid application development on a managed elastic framework. SignalWire technology is proven and trusted, already deployed by over 5000 commercial enterprises around the world. For more information, visit


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