Long-time Open Source Communications Advocate Joins SignalWire

David Duffett sees the future of communications in SignalWire's Revolutionary Cloud Platform

PALO ALTO, Calif., Oct. 29, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- SignalWire, Inc., the Original Geeks of software-defined telecom and creators of a revolutionary cloud communications platform, announced today that David Duffett will be joining the company as Worldwide Community Advocate. In this role, Duffett will be responsible for ensuring the success of developers utilizing SignalWire technology and guiding this community through the transition to cloud-based services that is reshaping the industry.

"The software-defined telecom revolution has made great strides over the past decade thanks to open-source projects and the innovations they have enabled," said Duffett. "SignalWire is the next evolution of that movement, extending complex telecom to the cloud and exposing it to a broader audience in much the same way Google or AWS has done with other technologies."

Duffett's prior role was Worldwide Community Director for the Asterisk Open Source project, a popular IP PBX software package used for building business telephony systems. He became well-known for generating high levels of enthusiasm for Asterisk and the community through leadership initiatives throughout the Americas, Asia and Europe. Duffett also worked hard to bring the different parts of the Open-Source Communications Community closer together in order to better serve their mutual goal of disrupting the legacy telecom giants by democratizing complex and proprietary telecommunications technology.

"It all began by unlocking these proprietary systems and exposing them through software. The expertise gained by those involved in that process is unrivaled and critical to taking the next step," added Duffett. "Now with SignalWire, that powerful foundational technology is made accessible in a way that other supposed cloud communications providers are incapable of delivering. I am excited to be joining a team that places a focus on innovation and truly embodies the ethos of the original open-source movements."

SignalWire CLOUD delivers carrier-grade functionality of SignalWire's core telecom stack. With an extensive library of easy-to-use APIs and software development kits that can be used by any type of application developer, cloud-based communications functionality can now be easily added to any application and delivered on a pay-per-use basis.

"David is a perfect addition to our all-star line-up of Original Geeks," said Anthony Minessale, CEO, SignalWire. "He is committed first and foremost to the advancement of the technology, and making it accessible to anyone with an idea. He has a tech-first and tech-forward mentality, and that's what being Original Geek is all about. We're thrilled to have him on the team."

Developers can join the SignalWire community Slack to discuss all things related to software-defined telecom in real-time with SignalWire experts and other devs alike at https://signalwire.community.

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