SignalWire STACK | Release 20.20.3

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Release Date 2020-4-05

What's new

This release is a minor bug fix containing important changes removing memory errors, resolving potential crashes and misbehaviors.

How to get it
[Build-System] Enable mod_ilbc Debian packaging.
[build/test] git ignore test output
[Configuration] sip_profiles: Use ${external_sip_ip} for ext-sip-ip, ${external_rtp_ip} for ext-rtp-ip
[Core] Add systemd sd_notify support
[mod_av] Don't require .ext for streaming rtmp:// and rtsp:// formats
[mod_av] reduce some errors to warnings in logs
[mod_conference] Add conference::maintenance conference-heartbeat. 
[mod_fifo] adding 'noans' and 'early' call status options and dtmf '0' disable config settings option
[mod_kazoo] add event stream connected time
[mod_shout] Reduce log level from error to warning for "Error opening %s (invalid rate or channel count)"
[mod_sofia] Add new gateway param 'contact-in-ping' to support Microsoft Teams Direct Routing
[mod_sofia] Adding custom header to refer
[mod_sofia] Include isup-oli parameter on outbound invite when we have value in caller profile
[mod_valet_parking] Add valet_parking_orbit_exit_key option
[sofia-sip] Build internal tests
[Testing] Add mod_portaudio, mod_redis, mod_skinny to scan-build on Drone
Add git configuration to ignore errors from `git fsck`
Resolved Issues
[core,mod_verto,mod_xml_rpc] Fix use of deprecated CRYPTO_set_id_callback().
[Core] Adding fix for switch_ivr_originate to not copy group_confirm variables to the channel
[core] eavesdrop: reduce lock contention, fix error condition  + enable eavesdrop stereo . 
[Core] Fix dereference of null pointer in video_bridge_thread() when codec b is not yet initialized.
[Core] Fix leak in switch_xml_set_attr(). Add case to a unit test.
[Core] Fix locking and a memory leak in switch_core_session_write_video_frame() and switch_core_session_write_text_frame().
[core] Fix regression in play_and_collect_input
[mod_av] enable resampler when sample rate mismatch
[mod_conference] fix crash when using conference heartbeat
[mod_erlang_event] Fix segfault in destroy_listener()
[mod_httapi] Fix leak of context->url_params
[mod_mariadb] Fix reconnect during db failover/restart
[mod_opusfile] unit-tests: add timer to fix random test failures due to the fact that the decoding callback is not installed immediately
[mod_sndfile] fix read sndfiles with float data
[mod_sofia] Fix potential buffer overrun when rewrite_multicasted_fs_path is enabled.
[mod_sofia] Fix rtp config ipv4/ipv6 index confusion
[mod_sofia] remove blank display name that can show up in from uri
[sofia-sip] fix build on newer clang
[sofia-sip] Fix crash in timer B outgoing_timer_bf() which asserts if INVITE request was completed already.
[sofia-sip] Fix use of deprecated CRYPTO_set_id_callback().
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